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 Ajay kumar

    JUIN 2020

 Week-end 6 & 7

Semaine Itensive

     8   Au   14


 Week-end 6 . 7 . Juin

WE…..  160 €

JOURNÉE….  85 €

1/2 JOURNÉE…  50 €

Semaine Intensive / Intensive week

8 .9 .10 . 11 . 12 . 13 .14 . Juin  /   560 €

Early  Birds avant / Before  28 Fevrier /  500 €



  •  🇬🇧 Ajay started practicing yoga at the age of ten, with BNS Iyengar at the Shri Pathanjala Yoga Shala at Parkala Mutt in Mysore; he soon discovered his passion for yoga. Practicing at the ParkalaMutt, Ajay developed a commitment and understanding for both the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga, which have now become an integral part of his life. Today Ajay maintains an individual practice, drawing from his personal experience in practicing asana he applies the lessons that he has learnt to his teachings, offering a unique insight to Ashtanga. Alongside this, Ajay is currently studying Advaitha Vedanta in Sanskrit at the University of Mysore. Ajay has been teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for the past Sixteen years. Under his supervision, students gain the strength, stamina and flexibility to move through the asanas. He has the ability to work with a wide range of individuals, from complete beginners to advanced practitioners. Ajay’s first priority is to guide the student through the physical aspects of yoga asana. From there, the foundation is set for the other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.
    Ajay teaches his students with sensitivity to their body and his adjustments are gentle and precise. Ajay is particularly concerned with alignment and correct posture and guides his students to this end. His aim is that his students reach there full potential. Ajay firmly believes that with daily Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice both the physical and spiritual beliefs will be attained. Through his teaching style Ajay built up a regular number of international students who return to Mysore every year to study and deepen their practice under his guidance.




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